Take a Tour - Springtime and Farmers Market

photos by me

Einen zauberhaften Montag wünsche ich euch allen! Das sonnige Wochenende hat bei mir für positive Energie gesorgt. Endlich konnte ich die Daunenjacke im Schrank lassen und mit leichterem Mantel und viel guter Laune im Gepäck über meinen Wochenmarkt stapfen. Es gab frische Blümchen, leckeres Obst und Gemüse vom Bauern und der Himmel strahlte... Einfach herrlich... Hier habe ich euch paar Schnappschüsse meines Kiezspaziergangs zusammengestellt. Habt' einen guten Start in die Woche!

A lovely Monday to you all! I'm bursting with positive energy this morning, since the weather this weekend was finally sunny and nice. To be honest, I couldn't stand this everyday grey sky a minute longer ;-) Well anyway, inspired by the arriving springtime I thought I'd visit my local farmers market on Saturday and treat myself to some flowers, veggies and lots of fresh air...To give you a little insight into my kiez (= home district) I captured some moments for you. Enjoy and have a great week!

3 Kommentare:

  1. I am in LOVE with this post! Please, please, please do another like this sometime. Your neighborhood is adorable and you did such a lovely job with the photos and collage. Seriously, I wish I could live here. =)


  2. Thanks Jennie... Just got home after an exhausting day at work and found your comment. It cheered me up immediately.
    Sending you lots of happy wishes!


  3. Tesca, this is a lovely post! I agree with Jennie, your collage looks fantastic!

    Angela x


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